Sunday, May 17, 2009

Solidad O'brien blames "the people" for the economic crisis.

The organization "we are change Ohio" confronted soledad O'brien about the Bilderberg group.

listen carefully to her answer.

when asked about the group's involvement in the current economic crisis, she says it's
"not that simple"

She then goes on to say that ultimately its "our responsibility" and that it is "really as simple as that."

You could see the fear in her as she attempted to answer the question.
You could hear the nervous laugh.
but ultimately.
her answer was intellectual diarrhea.

She didn't address any of the underlying points,
1. that the housing bubble was accurately predicted because of information from a mole inside bilderberg.
2. That American politicians meet with world leaders without public knowledge.
3. Or if CNN will cover the story.

incredibly powerful video here:

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