Saturday, May 9, 2009

The People Are The Enemy!

The police state being built around us was never intended solely for Islamic terrorists.
The RCMP now openly admits that the biggest treat in 2009 are Canadian citizens.

In a disgraceful display of tyrannical narcissism, RCMP constable Mike Smook of the Integrated Security Unit went out into the public in an attempt to spy on Olympic protesters.

He approached downtown bookstore owner Robert Garfat for information about private, "free" Canadian citizens. These conscientious objectors have broken no law, yet find themselves the target of government surveillance. Apparently it never crossed the mind of little mr. smoot that Robert Garafat would warn the public.

there were others as well,

An article in the pacific free press by Zoe Blunt states,
"A second local activist -- who asked not to be named -- says the police have come to his door asking to speak to all the residents, as well as taking pictures of everyone who came and left the building."

In a free society, the government does not spy on non violent citizens.
In a free society, you are not filmed at every street corner.
In a free society, you are not subject to random checkpoints.
In a free society, the police don't ignore the charter of rights and freedoms.

read about the intimidation tactics of our government.

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