Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bio metrics, x-ray scanning in canadian airports

here is some of the new spending for airport security in 2009

$9.2 million for non-passenger and vehicle access control and screening at critical restricted areas of airports, using biometric identification technology;

- $8.6 million for advanced mobile screening equipment for the random screening of passengers and baggage for higher-risk charters and government flights departing from fixed-base operations; and

- $82.3 million for advanced, internationally compatible passenger and baggage screening equipment that will strengthen security and speed up the screening process. Some of this new technology includes:

- $25 million for 125 new multi-view x-ray units at screening checkpoints at Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg international airports;

- $6 million for 18 new screening lanes in Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto;

- $12.8 million to support our Olympic and Paralympic partners to ensure Canada's security requirements are met. This includes the acquisition of portable security units (PSUs) to deliver efficient screening operations during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The PSUs will be built in Canada with environmentally friendly materials.

- $242.9 million to support CATSA's ongoing operations and to allow the hiring of additional screening officers and oversight officers.

and the full article here:

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