Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Liberty vs. Tyranny - The Liberty movement vs. the New World Order.

this site is dedicated to tracking Canada's role in the coming global government.
It's not about left or right.
It's about freedom vs. tyranny

The well documented plan for global governance is commonly referred to as the New World Order. It is not a conspiracy theory.
Major media outlets such as the Wall St. journal, Washinton Post, Financial Times of London and Faux news, have roported on the new world order and its world government.
We seek to expose the governments plan to further militarize society under the rubric of terrorism. We are here to speak out against the growing police state that continually points cameras in our faces.

we will document the world elite's plan to centralize world power under world bodies such as the united nations, world health organization, world court, IMF, world bank, and numerous non-governmental agencies.

We will extensively document the financial Holocaust going on right now on wall st. and around the world. The banker bailout we be documented in detail.

We also hope to have a section of the website dedicated to survival plans and techniques.
we have a huge list of essential links to information you can't get from the controlled-corporate media.

check out or reading assignments if you want to stay n the front lines of the info war.

We also will have an extensive archive of videos that are a must for an Canadian who values their life and liberty.

feel free to leave comments, and submit articles.

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