Monday, August 10, 2009

hard core police state being installed for the olympics.....and beyond

The RCMP unveiled their planned police state for the Canadian people during the Olympics. the cross-Canadian-control grid is reported to cost $900 million, but will surly eclipse 1.5 billion before all is said and done.
Over 15,000 enforcers will be deployed onto the streets, armed with auto/semi-automatic weapons, riot gear, shields, etc.

this list comes from the globe and mail.
read the full article here.

Security for the Games will be expansive - and expensive. Here's how the price tag breaks down.
RCMP: $491.9-million
The Mounties' Integrated Security Unit gets the most funding because the RCMP will be leading the security plan for the Games.
Military: $212-million
The Department of National Defence will send troops to support the RCMP's efforts.
CSIS: $11-million
The spy agency will be responsible for staying on top of intelligence about threats to national security and to the Games.
Air traffic: $25-million
Transport Canada and NAV Canada will provide navigational support for aircraft coming along the Sea-to-Sky corridor - any of the airspace between Vancouver and Whistler - during the Games.
Other traffic: $8.8-million
Railways and road transportation systems will also be inspected courtesy of Transport Canada.

5,200 RCMP officers.
4,500 Canadian Forces personnel.
1,800 Police officers from municipal, regional and provincial units across Canada.
5,000 Private security personnel.
60 Days the Integrated Security Unit will be operating, including setup time at the beginning of January, the 17 days of the Games, and the Paralympic Games, which end in March

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